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With Centracom’s Employee Management Software you get immediate visibility and insights into HOW employees work so you can quickly optimize productivity, ensure operational compliance and boost employee engagement across today’s distributed work environments.


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  • Full Productivity Management Software as a Service

*Local Support is included for both Annual and Monthly License plans. Pricing is subject to Rand / US $ fluctuations and billing will be adjusted
monthly if need be. BI Dashboards and Data Redaction available as an addon. T&C’s apply.

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    A quick summary of everything you need to start your analysis of workforce productivity and operational efficiency. View key workforce metrics and insights including productivity trends, daily productive hours, application & website usage, working hours analysis, and much more. Everything you need to start your analysis of workforce productivity and operational efficiency.

    Keep a daily pulse on team productivity with this at-a-glance dashboard. You can easily toggle between user and team views to see summaries of average productivity, real-time status of availability (Active, Passive, Offline), hours worked, and much more.

    Gain valuable insights into distributed teams with a variety of analytical reports. These out-of-thebox reports give you visibility into work schedule patterns, workload inefficiencies, employee burnout, productivity trends, and more. All reports contain powerful filters allowing you to filter your data by date ranges, users, productivity classification, and other criteria for comparative analysis.

    Build a library of applications and websites employees use to measure productive and unproductive activities in your organization. Classify applications and websites with descriptive categories for deep analysis and reporting.

    Reference detailed logs of user activities and security events collected by the software’s intelligent agent to better understand workflows and the exact chain of events that transpired, when, and by whom. These detailed audit logs allow you to prevent and analyze suspicious behavior while simultaneously ensuring compliance.

    Immediately see what users are doing at any given moment. Understand employee workflows, uncover compliance risks, and more. Create custom schedules for monitoring user activities for teams in different locations and time zones worldwide.

    Leverage pre-built alarms or create your own based on any combination of conditions. Our outof- the box alarms help you track and get alerted to events such as USB device usage, file sharing, user deletion, and more. In addition, you can configure automated responses such as email notifications, screenshot captures, or notifications to external messaging apps such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.

    The website blocking feature allows you to prevent visits to some websites for a number of reasons including improving productivity, ensuring security and compliance, as well as preventing access to inappropriate websites. This highlycustomizable feature allows you to easily add, remove, and modify your list of blocked domains as needed.

    Data Connect is a powerful add-on that gives you greater flexibility and application of your data across your business. Data Connect allows users to export activity data to BI Tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and Google Data Studio OR to other frequently-used business applications such as MS Teams or CRM tools. In addition, Data Connect provides customers with prebuilt data templates and dashboards for Microsoft Teams and BI data visualization tools to provide valuable insights into employee burnout risks, team productivity benchmarks, application usage ratios, and more.

    High-resolution screenshots can be captured when configured via conditional alarms, allowing you to see visual evidence of present or past history of suspicious activity. The redaction capability allows you to protect sensitive data and keep personally identifiable information (PII) private and secure, while also ensuring legal and ethical compliance.