Due to the extent and frequency of Load Shedding, customers are likely to suffer degradation of certain services as power outages often last longer than the created back-up power.

All of our own network equipment is secured in fully redundant Terraco sites, and will, therefore, be unaffected by power issues. That being said, however, should there be a national failure of diesel supply, this may impact even those sites.

At times our major data providers have notified us that the backup facilities at their POP’s and high sites cannot sustain the prolonged and frequent power outages. This will almost certainly be true of other medium to small suppliers.

We can assure you that we, together with our service providers, are making every possible effort to ensure minimal impact on networks and services.

You can also follow up by calling us on 011 695 9000 (Office Hours), or 011 695 9111 (After Hours) or emailing us on service@centracom.co.za.