Remote Monitoring

Intelligent and responsive

Network or Remote Monitoring refers to Centracom’s ability to monitor your network and connectivity services from a centralised platform, to identify faults and outages experienced on services offered. In most circumstances, Centracom is provided access to the Premises Equipment (Routers or Switches), which we monitor to check for any link, voice or data usage issues that may crop up from time to time. This allows us the opportunity to monitor such links, log and track faults with the network provider on your behalf; giving you more time to attend to your business.


Pro-active monitoring of services.

Fault logging and tracking on your behalf.

Central point of contact for multiple services from multiple suppliers.


Custom solution design

Multi-Protocol Label Switching refers to how data is transferred and managed within Ethernet networks nowadays. Within such networks, specific data protocols such as Voice, Video and Real-Time Streaming are labelled in order of priority. Voice packets, as an example, will be treated with great care, and given the highest priority in order to ensure your VoIP telephone calls are not affected adversely. Apart from enabling a service provider to manage its network more effectively and efficiently, it offers a layer of security to business enterprises, utilising MPLS as a WAN solution, securely connecting multiple branch offices together. As Centracom acts as a Network Aggregator, we are able to effectively run secure MPLS networks for large corporates across multiple service providers, and function as a central port-of-call for the entire network running across different network providers and technologies.


Add an additional layer of security to your WAN.

Extended WAN across multiple providers.

Central Point of contact.

Central Internet Breakout and Firewall for extended WAN.